Happy 2018!

Are you tired? Feeling useless and sad? Bored of life? Anxious about the new year? Or have any other negative emotions? We have the perfect solution…Join HKN! By joining this wonderful organization, you will become way happier and feeling much more fulfilled with your life! Now I know you must be asking yourself how can joining a prestigious honor society possibly improve my life? Well let Grand Webmaster Sebastian tell you…we have free pizza and soda every monthly meeting! Yes, join now for the free food and happiness!



New finding from our favorite, IEEE-HKN data analyst team. According to the study, there is a big difference in academic performance between HKN members and rest of the campus. As we can see in the graph, there is a correlation between being in HKN and having significantly higher GPA.

Wow! The results are truly impressive! Join HKN now!

*actual results might vary. n<30